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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gomutra is very effective on various ailments. Almost all-Vedic scriptures mentioned Gomutra as a sacred aombrosia of heaven that dispels all somatic & psychological pains of human beings. It had been used in native form i.e. as a drink.
Gomutra not only used to treat various disorders but also in many ceremonies. The five product of cow i.e. milk, curd, ghrita, mutra and dung (panchgavya) had been used in purifactory ceremonies.
The urine of man, cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, elephant, horse and camel have been described in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties. Urine of healthy cow should consider the best amongst these other animals. Although sufficient and detailed literature regarding Gomutra is not available yet their pharmacological properties are defined efficiently.
It has shool haran properties (B.P.Mutravarga 2) which is by far most common complain of the patient suffered with Vata-vyadhi.
It reduces sotha i.e. swelling. (S.S. 45/218) (B.P. Mutra varga 2)
It has kandughana properties thus reduces itching. (B.P. Mutravarga 2)
Sushruta has specially mentioned the kshara properties of gomutra. Which are broadly using in ano rectal disorder like piles, fistula etc.(S.S. 45/218)
Due to slightly madhur rasa (C.S. 1/120), it supposed to have some ropan guna for wounds healing.
It also has lekhan and bhedan guna which are necessary for contaminated and non-healing wounds.
It is easily available and cost effective.

GOMUTRA is very effective medicine in-
Kustha- Leprosy
Pandu, Kamla-Jaundice
Kasa, swas- Respiratory infection
Atisara- Diarrhoea
Mukh roga, Akshi roga-ENT Disorders (Bhavprakash mutraverga 1-6)
medicinal properties: useful in liver disorders, heart, and skin and kidney diseases. It is also used in insomnia and anemia. It is beneficial in digestive disorders such as dyspepsia, anorexia, constipation, colic’s. Use of gomutra in otalgia relieves pain.

Historical anecdotes have said that drinking gomutra can prevent strokes and helps break down blood clots and scabs.

In 1954 G.W.Sobel isolated the enzymes in urine that the folklore claimed. He named it Urokinase and is now used in preparations to break up clots in heart diseases and prevention of strokes.

In cow urine, urea is the major component. Urea is commonly recognized as an effective antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral agent. The presence of urea in urine is the result of the body’s chemical balancing of sodium chloride and water ratio. When used on wounds, urea causes an osmotic imbalance that kills bacteria and fungus. It is used in many topical ointments and creams. Urea is also found in broad range of medicines used to treat inflammation. It is the main ingredient in the medicine Herpigon, used to treat herpes infection.

Cow urine distillate has been found to enhance the effect of antibiotics. It increases the efficiency of absorption of drugs thus reducing their dosage. This distillate has also been found to increase the activity of anticancer drug Taxol, which is extremely toxic. The dosage of these drugs can also be eventually reduced.

General dosage is 25ml (2 1/2 tola) at a time. Two times a day (Morning and evening) is 50 ml (5 tola). If taken more it cleanses intestines and more motion takes place. It is harmless, as there is no poison. In general small quantity should be taken, Half the general dose.