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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winners do things, that loser's don't do.

Thinking positive, believing in yourself makes the difference.

Today's life is filled with lots of stresses (Mental & Physical). Our work place, home conditions & social or community related stresses causes exhaustion of our physical and mental energy in long run.

The survival of fittest instinct drivers us to fight to the unknown or known till the end.

But not everybody survives!

The question arises, are the survives better then us?

Not exactly! Though some are the best marksmen, but they are few. Earth has given rare Brian Lara, Amitabh Bachchan, and Mahatma Gandhi etc. Rests are in the fight, one little behind the other. But even they fought for a place; you cannot expect Chicken to Jump in Fire for sake of your lust to eat Roasted Chicken.

So what makes one winner, the other looser?

The answer is-

  1. Believe in yourself.
  2. Have an 'I CAN DO IT' attitude.
  3. Do what your heart say's.
  4. There are no shortcuts in life.
  5. May be slow, but steady pace wins the race.
  6. Winning is not a short term achievement, it's a long term goal.
  7. Decide your goal of life & stick to it. (It may take months to decide).
  8. Make your short term goals as well, but compare them with your "goal of life". They should have some harmony with your goal of life.
  9. Life is no "Bed of Roses", if a Child wants to learn walking, he/she must fall. Even Mahatma Gandhi or if we see even our god's life, all suffered some setbacks in their course of life. Thus setting an example for us, that success is not a short term achievement, but a long term goal.

In Ayurveda "Achar Rasayana" (Code of Conduct) has been described, which indicates what to do & what not.

It's applicable in our day today life. One can achieve path of success following these rules.

Writer Anurag Dr Dikshit (M.D. Ayu; C.C.Y.P, lucknow; C.C.K.P.) is
Panchakarma Consultant,

He is Ayurvedic Physician, Panchkarma (Keeraliya), Marma & Yoga Specialist.

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