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Friday, October 5, 2012

Parkinson an successful Ayurvedic Management

Kampavata (Parkinson’s disease) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. The disease affects approximately 2 out of 1000 people, and most often develops after age of fifty, the clinical course is chronic and progressive with severe disability attained after approximately ten years.
According to Ayurveda, Kampavata is a Nanatmaja disorder of Vata. In time of Caraka and Susruta cluster of symptoms like Kampa (tremor), Stambha (rigidity), Chestasanga (bradykinesia and akinesia), Vakvikriti (disturbance in speech) etc were described in different contexts, but they were not clubbed as part of one disease. As a separate clinical entity of Kampavata was first narrated by Acaraya Madhavakara under the name of “Vepathu”. However, it was the Basvarajiyam who for the first time
gave an unabigous description by explaining the clinical picture of Kampavata as and all these clinical features are similar to that of Parkinson’s disease.

In modern medical science, the goal of treatment for this disease is to alleviate symptoms that interfere with the patients activities of daily living and to prevent or limit its complication as Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease leading to crippling of the patients. Treatment for Parkinson’s disease is dopamine replacement therapy, Other drugs like anticholinergic drug, Dopamine agonists, COMT inhibitors are used but as disease progresses these drugs slowly escalated. Further these drugs having undesirable side effects. Some new stereostatic surgical methods are also employed but having great risk and there is chance of failure. So Parkinson’s disease remained unabated at the face of scientific society.
Thus there is a need for effective, rejunenative therapy devoid of any side effect.

In Ayurveda Kapikacchu is having Balya, Brimhanaha, Vrishya, and Vatahara properties and is a natural source of L-dopa. So keeping in views of the degenerative nature of the Kampavata Kapikacchu is given in purified form and under strict medical supervision has greater patient symptom improvement along with Panchakarma therapies which aims at controlling Vata and checking other clinical conditions associated with the disease.

Here at Ayurvedic Remedies we are progressively giving successful outcomes to parkinson patients during course of medication and therapies which include Panchakarma therapies like Basti Chikitsa, Abhyanga, Sushka Sweda, Pizhichil, Navarakhizhi, Shirodhara, Shirobasti along with acupuncture therapies.

Our patients mostly respond with in first month of medication and therapies and an outcome of approx 90% results in all the criteria in 8-10 month of drug regime.

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