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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Herbal Medicine and Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dear Friend its a popular saying in Classical Texts of Ayurveda in Sanskrit “Nanaushadhi Bhutam Jagatam Kinchid”, Means there is nothing in this world that is not Medicine. So go to a qualified practitioner before taking any medicine. Even food you take are good for some and harmful for others…..”Here Comes the role of Body Constitution {Prakriti}”. Fish or Pork or Reddish or even potato are good for some but for some they just don’t go…..!!!
Every one must know their own Prakriti and follow the diet pattern for healthy living.
As for Metals found in herbal drugs…. all food materials have minerals and metals present in them. There is no sign of metal poisoning found when only pure herbal medicine is being given in India. At least i after completing my Post Grads in Ayurveda and even doing PhD in Jaipur never ever heard that any herbal medicine caused arsenic poisoning to any patient. Yes there are sporadic cases of Metal Poisoning and that too when patients are taking Mineral/Metal Preparations named Ras Medicine and these Ras medicines are not properly manufactured as per the norms of AFI & GMP or not given as a standered prescription (Controlled Medication) as given by Quacks. Just diagnosing a mineral or metal in a plant don’t do justice to the research one has undertaken. Ask those media loving scientists what amount of minerals/metals are normally present in our body and also what is there toxic dose. even iron has a toxic dose and is gulped by every pregnant lady here in India so is Calcium….. See yourself on any search engine that even Iron can cause toxic symptoms. So does the Arsenic which can be easily found in Human Body and is about 10-20 mg. In one of the research×11327177k4l14/ see that the ground water is main culprit of Arsenic in Body so is Rice a staple food...!!!
Then why Herbal Medicine only Steals the Show!!!