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Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why take cancer causing drugs when harmless ayurveda medicines available

Dear All

Few days back, in TOI i read the Article, "Paracetamol Tied to Blood Cancer". It was horrific to hear or read the activity of such a common OTC drug. even pregnant ladies and new born child all are given this medication as first line of medication. We all know that for fever paracetamol is given so is Nimesulide, we all know that Nimesulide now is a banned drug for child in fever or as pain killer.

My question is, why we are experimenting with the people of India? first we try this drug in population and then say after tens years of practice we say.... no this drug is carcinogenic and if taken can cause cancer so we stop this....

When we have Indigenous Drugs like Guduchi Ghana Vati, Sudarshana Choorna, Amrutarishta and Sanjeevani Vati as drugs with similar efficacy and time tested (more than 3000 years), if you still want a study do it on these drugs with similar design like that of study of paracetamol in 65000 men and women.

We all shout when Dengue or Chikungunia takes a toll that Guduchi (or Amruta) plant is very effective in cure, why not take these medicines with Guduchi as one of the ingredient for all types of fever and do a study yourself of the efficacy.

This is the Apathy of Govt that, the NRHM program in Many States are functioning with AYUSH doctors but without any AYUSH medicines. My Dear policy makers, without medicine is it possible for a doctor to show results? You are forcing them to work with Allopathic Medicines in CHC and PHC's.

In China it is mandatory to practice indigenous medicine for all the doctors, herbal drug is the most lucrative business world wide... but we are still not coming out of our slumber of western are our ruler attitude.

Now its time for public to think again for second alternative of treatment, let your Doctor asses you for medication.    

Dr Anurag Dikshit