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Friday, January 28, 2011


“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholders”, though this saying is true, still “ye dil mange more”, and what if everybody around us say the same thing, HOW BEAUTiFUL YOU ARE! Or YOUR SKIN IS VERY BEAUTIFUL! Or YOU HAVE A PRETTY FACE!!! And so on.

DARK PATCHES ON FACE, One of the common middle age, post pregnancy and hormonal variation problems. This problem (Aesthetic, Social & Emotional) is so severe that many women undergo any therapy present to get rid of these conditions.

For this condition Ayurveda has miraculous effects visible for with in 3rd day of therapy, in certain conditions it is visible from the very first day.

Here we apply certain medicated face massage, medicated steams as per the constitution of the body and face packs as required. Results are just awesome.