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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vacancy of Ayurveda Teachers in US

AAPNA has received several requests and inquiries to develop an internationally recognized, in-depth training program in Ayurvedic Medicine for licensed health professionals.  It is very important to offer educational opportunities in ayurveda to licensed health professionals; this endeavor will help bring ayurvedic medicine and wisdom to the forefront of integrative medicine.  There are over 1 million licensed health professionals in the United States who are interested in and/or practicing integrative medicine or health care.  In view of these requests, AAPNA is developing a 2000-hour Post Graduate Diploma in Ayurveda (PGDA) program for licensed health professionals with a college degree. Hence, we request experienced ayurvedic doctors and integrative licensed health professionals, highly experienced vedic teachers including yoga, meditation, vastu, jyotish to join hands to develop the curriculum for the Post Graduate Diploma Program in Ayurveda.  If you are interested to participate in helping to develop such a curriculum and teach at various locations throughout the U.S., please contact us via email to: Please send your complete CV before December 15, 2010. After reviewing applications, faculty teleconference calls will be conducted at regular intervals until the final curriculum of the PGDA program is developed.  

Once finalized, the program details will be posted on the AAPNA website, along with the list of recognized teachers for this program to teach at various locations.

For your understanding and guidance, the following guidelines are provided by AYUSH and NCCAM, respectively: